Asus VM60-G072R Review Ahead- Buyers Approach Carefully With Your Smile In Hand….

Asus VM60-G072R Review


The Asus VM60-G072R is a relatively sleek compact smaller Desktop PC with the advantage of desk space because it is very compact for a desktop. The reviews are mixed but this computer is heads up what some users need for small spaces. This desktop is perfect for the average student taking night classes or the serious student who lives in the dorm. This sleek compact looks great and has some graphics that will hold up for gaming. If you are a serious gamer looking for a compact PC this is not the one for you. The graphics will not hold up under your kind of graphic steam as a serious die hard no pee break gaming freak so do not buy this as a gaming Desktop because it will disintegrate under the pressure of your gaming skills and needs. Check out our unbiased opinion in this Asus VM60-G072R Review

Asus VM60-G072R Desktop PC Specs

  • Intel Core i5 3337U with 1.8 GHz
  • 4G DDR3 1TBDD
  • Windows 8.1
  • Intel HD Graphics 4000

People love this computer on the reviews but it is a love hate relationship because of one thing. Which is the “EZ Updater” and it can cause your new Asus VM60-G072R Desktop to fry the motherboard. This is a continuing glitch and is just an old problem resurfacing from ASUS Bios update utilities that zap the motherboard before you say I should not have clicked okay to this! Then the dreaded blackness appears and back to the factory with your beautifully expensive case that does nothing anymore.

This really has been a continuing problem and it will turn your brand new sleek PC into just a pretty case with blackness of death and the feeling of money that wasn’t well spent. Have no fear because it does not happen with all models but do not click okay if you see the “EZ Updater” trying to update the Bios.

Other than the EZ Updater this sleek little compact is perfect for physical space saving and has easily adding memory that will give your hard drive quite a large space inside but not outside. It is equipped with Full HD which is perfect for up to 1920 X 1200 resolution video monitor. A compact small computer that equips up to a 28”monitor is excellent for viewing and playing games or watching YouTube.

This sleek little compact desktop is sold out on NewEgg and the reviews from customers are four stars for the actual PC and two for having to avoid hitting the “Auto Updater” to keep the motherboard from frying the bios. For most people who are computer nerds there is an ongoing argument for Windows users. Some of us wonder why XP was ever taken away. However if we must trudge forward and upgrade when we buy a new computer the Asus VM60-G072R is ready to install your fairly new upgrade of Windows 8.1. Some people do not like to change and if you are one of these people who love XP you are out of luck but you can downgrade to Windows 7 easily so you will at least feel close to home.

The Pros of This PC

  • Space Saver in a Desktop
  • Beautiful Case
  • Good graphics for average computer freaks
  • You can easily add more memory if needed
  • Happy four star reviews from satisfied customers
  • Will revert to Windows 7 if preferred
  • Intel Core i5 chips that clocks at a maximum frequency of 1.8GHz
  • Intel Graphics
  • Very Affordable Desktop for students and parents
  • Will accommodate up to a 28 inch monitor
  • Excellent Asus VM60-G072R Review for overall quality from happy customers


The Cons

There is only two major cons to this PC from customer reviews and that is of course the “EZ UPDATER” so in purchasing this practical and fun little PC make sure you do not hit okay to this function if it rears its ugly head.
The other major con was that it installs Windows 8 instead of Windows 7 but this can be easily fixed even by novice computer users by installing Windows 7 and uninstalling Windows 8.

The Break Down

This is a great computer and ASUS is a very reliable computer from experts who know how to make it a nice experience for their customers. A word of advice to the ASUS die-hard fans who do not already realize how valuable an extended warranty is worth. Be sure to purchase the full warranty in case the blackness of death ever appears when your nephew was playing on the keyboard and hit okay.

If you have ever owned an Asus and seen the quality performance they deliver you will be hooked even with the problems that can come with the glitch mentioned above. So beware the EZ UpDater like the plague and enjoy this computer that will last and is a reliable brand to trust in quality, satisfaction and longevity with great performance. Hope you enjoyed our Asus VM60-G072R Review and learned even more about your future purchase potential in buying an ASUS PC.

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