Nvidia vs AMD vs Intel: A Gaming Perspective

Gaming has become very serious in recent years. The graphics in video games nowadays look so realistic it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between real life video and a video game. Computer gaming is at the forefront of this industry and the graphics keep getting better with each year. To handle these dazzling graphics, one needs a computer with the right GPU (graphics processing unit) and CPU (Central Processing Unit) to make sure the game runs smoothly. The problem with picking out a GPU or CPU for a gaming PC is determining just which one should be bought. When one is picking out a component, Price, quality, needs and more must be taken into consideration. It can usually be narrowed down to three brands: Nvidia, AMD and Intel. Each of these companies makes fantastic products and we will do a rundown to compare the three so you can find which one makes the right products for you.


Nvidia is a very well-known company who makes high-end PC components and is seen as a pioneer in the GPU industry. Nvidia makes computer GPUs and does not currently make processors for computers. Nvidia’s signature line of GPUs is the GeForce series which are some of the most powerful on the market. The highest end GeForce unit made by Nvidia is the GTX Titan Z which Nvidia claims is the most powerful GPU on the market. The Titan Z retails for around $1500 and boasts the support of all of the newest technologies like CUDA, G-SYNC and more. This is more targeted towards professional gamers of course and most gamers stick to units like the GeForce GTX 980 which costs around $480 or the GTX 960 which usually costs less than $200 to buy. More info on the GTX 960 can be found here. A GPU made by Nvidia usually costs less than one made by AMD for mid to high-end gaming due to the fact that mining has driven AMD prices up. On the lower end, Nvidia GPUs do generally cost more than other brands. Nvidia GPUs are much quieter and cool than ones made by AMD which can heat up very fast and loudly. It is sometimes a matter of opinion whether one should buy a GPU made by Nvidia or AMD as some people choose to stick with the company they have liked through the years.


Intel has been around for nearly fifty years and has some of the most experience in the industry when it comes to computers. Intel currently makes CPUs for computers which have integrated GPUs. Intel’s best-known line of processors is their Intel core series. Lots of computers on the market today come with processors like the Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 built in. The Intel Core i7 is an incredibly powerful piece of processing technology which has excellent graphics, lower battery-usage and premium security. The i7 retails for about $390-$450 and is a processor good for intense gaming. The Core i5 is also a respectable processor with downgraded performance from the i7 that costs about $280-$300 in most locations. Intel’s Celeron and Pentium lines are less expensive than the core series, but they still pack a gaming punch. When compared to AMD, Intel makes more expensive processors that are usually a better value. The exception to this, of course, is quads which AMD sells for significantly less than Intel. In general, Intel makes more expensive products which are usually worth the cost. However, Intel’s built-in GPUs are generally considered weak in the gaming community and many people prefer to have an AMD or Nvidia GPU in addition to their Intel CPU.


Advanced Micro Devices Inc. is a company that is slightly younger than Intel and is also a big name in the gaming industry. AMD makes both CPUs and GPUs for computers and they have a very large following from people who swear by their products. AMD makes CPUs the FX processor, the Phenom II, the Athlon II, the Sempron and more. These products are generally not as expensive as CPUs made by other companies but are still a great value. AMD’s FX series comes with eight unlocked cores for extreme gaming and whatever else you need high computing power for. AMD’s GPUs are also very well-respected among the gaming community. The Radeon series by AMD is a true workhorse when it comes to gaming. The R5, R7 and R9 series are all incredibly powerful gaming tools that allow for the best of graphics.

The R9 series goes for about $190 and is capable of 4k gameplay to bring in the most seamless gameplay and quality.  The R5 series enhances not just gaming, but virtually everything one does on their PC when it comes to image quality and usually costs less than $100 to buy. AMD is a company that some love and others don’t. Their CPUs are cheaper than Intel’s but have been found to be less of a value than ones made by Intel. Their GPUs are usually not too expensive compared to Nvidia and put on a show that is just about equal to Nvidia.
In conclusion, Nvidia, AMD and Intel all make high-quality products which are perfect for gaming PCs. Nvidia makes GPUs that are cooler and quieter than ones by AMD but at a higher price. Intel makes CPUs that are powerful but are more expensive than AMD’s and have weak built-in GPUs. AMD is a company that can get you a good bang for your buck but not always better than Nvidia or Intel. It is a real toss-up when it comes to what you want and you should choose carefully when deciding which units to buy from where.

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