Shopping Online for Desktop Computers

Desktop computers are still a favorite amongst many people, even as the market is literally flooded with portable alternatives. Now hard drives are far smaller than they used to be, come in a variety of colors, and are even sometimes built into the back of the much larger monitors, and these models are called “all in ones.” Some of the best places to get desktop computers are directly from the manufacturers. Companies like HP and Dell both offer very attractive rates on direct-from-the-manufacturer purchases. Sites like Amazon have an eclectic mix of desktops, and they also often times have incentives, like free shipping for example.

Electronics retailers, like Best Buy, have some good offers at the brick-and-mortar locations, like open-box specials, as well as incentives for online purchases. Finally there are some regional electronics retail stores, like P.C. Richard and Sons in the Northeast, who sell desktop computers. Other factors to consider when buying a desktop computer is the fact that they are now sold differently as well. Often times a 32″ TV will have sufficient ports, including a USB, which you can use to connect a hard drive to your TV, using that as the monitor, and avoiding the unnecessary costs involved with purchasing a monitor.

Checking the web for deals at the HP store , there are brand new diminutive towers from $279. To get a new all-in-one computer, with a mouse and keyboard, the prices start at just $329. Dell has their own store online as well, and they are offering some attractive back-to-school specials currently. They have several desktop towers available, and they also offer financing as an option. The interesting thing about both of these sites, as well as a marketplace like Amazon, is the ability for consumers to purchase refurbished towers, or in the case of Amazon used towers, affording them a decent savings off of the cost of buying new. This is a way to garner some savings while still reserving the right to return the item, should you not like it, or if it fails to work properly.

The days of negotiating with sales representatives in brick-and-mortar retail establishments seems to have gone by the wayside with the proliferation of online shopping. Still there are still a lot of shoppers out there who like to touch-and-feel before making a purchase, and although they prefer to shop online, they will use retail outlets as a showroom of sorts, familiarizing themselves with what they like most and least about the latest desktops. Others are completely dedicated to online shopping, but who will go, somewhat begrudgingly , to a retail store.

For these shoppers, Walmart kind of fits the bill. The only thing with Walmart is there is no latitude for negotiations with their salespeople, but they are ubiquitous, so perhaps therein lies the savings meaning one does not have to waste a lot of gas, driving far and wide to find one. Walmart does have some very inexpensive desktop computers, and you can also order online and then go and pickup at the store. This feature is not unique to Walmart, but they do handle it pretty well. Desktops online with Walmart start at just over $300, and prices will vary from region-to-region relative to brick-and-mortar shopping.

Desktop computers are still a favorite, and if a consumer takes a longer view to purchasing one, especially with some of the regional retailers, sharp salespeople will remember a return shopper at the brick-and-mortar establishments, who appeared very interested, but failed to make a purchase. This is a key tool for consumers to use! Don’t buy on the first trip, go back one, or even two times, and look at the same items. A simple strategy for getting what you want while keeping maximum funds in your pocket!

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