What are the Top Desktop Computer Brands?

A new computer is a purchase most people make every two to five years. This is a substantial amount of time to spend away from the market’s latest products. As you might have noticed, Chromebooks became a new craze in recent years. Aside from that, the top desktop computer brands have shifted quite a bit in the past five to ten years. Now, some of the top brands are names that weren’t even heard of just half a decade prior.

With that said, here are the five top-selling desktop computer brands from last year.


Hewlett-Packard is a brand that people either love or hate, but it’s 43.4% market share proves it’s a name that’s here to stay. It’s market share is 17.7% greater than the second place brand, Lenovo, making it a dominant leader in the desktop computer industry. A big part of this was the mass buying of the graphic-strong Pro 6000 series. But, the HP Elite models were also top-sellers for the company and offered consumers unique features and comfortable use.


While Apple’s portable computers are all the hype, the Mac desktop models are still prominent to this day. The big seller in 2014 was the Mac Pro, which is designed like a mysterious cylinder. While it is pricey, as you would expect from any Apple product, ‘the Mac Pro is pimped out’ with tons of features and top-level specs.


Once again, market share counts for more than just a little of a brand’s popularity calculation. And there’s no way one could ignore Lenovo, seeing that it keeps Apple off of it’s second place spot. While Apple does sit in third, there’s no denying that a more desktop-heavy marketing approach would catapult them ahead of Lenovo. The lead is sharp now, but that’s just because Lenovo offers a wide range of quality desktop computers. They don’t necessarily have one huge seller, though the ThinkCentre series is popular among work-at-home professionals.


Holding a 7.4% desktop computer market share, Dell is a brand that has a few specific products that appeal heavily to a select crowd. Specifically speaking, Dell’s XPS line-up is tailored towards cost-effective gaming use and is a big seller. The ‘everyday use’ models in the Dell Inspiron 660 series also gets a lot of buying traction from consumers. That said, the most ‘bang for your buck’ usually doesn’t come from the Dell brand, but they do make financing easy and their computers do perform well.


Last on the list, but certainly not least, is Acer – a brand that focuses more on portable computers, yet still holds a 3.4% market share in the desktop computer industry. Acer recently pushed out a number of productive desktop models, including ones for gamers, graphic designers, and other graphic-heavy users. This came in the form of the Acer M and T lines, which give killer graphics and productive functions. Their daily use models in the AXC600 line are also popular, as they are lightweight and very affordable. But, for gaming purposes you might want to ‘check out the Predator G’ . This is a gamer’s computer given under a tight budget, with little frills but more than enough performance for the average PC gamer.

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